Provisions on data protection



1. It is important to Clicktodo SA (hereinafter: Clicktodo) to ensure respect of privacy of those customers and ensure the protection of their personal data. This document explains how data entrusted by Clicktodo customers is treated, whether on the Clicktodo internet platform or e-mail marketing operations. To allow on one hand Clicktodo customers to book an activity and secondly for Clicktodo to play its intermediary role with providers and to adapt its services in real time via the internet, entering customers personal data is necessary. We can optimize our offer and respond continuously to your needs. Note that, when processing personal data, Clicktodo basing on Swiss legislation governing data protection.

2. The present provisions on the protection of data apply to personal data collected from Clicktodo customers and / or third parties for any services offered on the Clicktodo internet platform, by email, by phone, or in competitions.

3. Clicktodo does not collect personal data of its customers and / or third parties without informing them and without their permission.

4. Clicktodo does not intentionally disclose the personal data of its customers and / or third parties, unless these provisions on data protection provide otherwise.

5. Clicktodo agrees to take all reasonable steps to protect the security of personal data of its customers and third parties that it collects when using services offered on its internet platform, by email, by phone, or in competitions.



1. When customers visit the online platform Clicktodo or consult marketing emails, Clicktodo records various information, which is processed anonymously. These remain exclusively assigned to the IP address of the customer’s computer.

In accordance with Swiss law on data protection, the data collected is called personal. This is all information relating to an identified or identifiable individual, such as e.g. name, address, date of birth, the password, the computer's IP address visible for Clicktodo when the customer visits the online platform of Clicktodo as well as reservations.

2. During the consultation the online platform of Clicktodo and the use of its internet services, Clicktodo can collect and record the data of its customers and / or third parties as follows:

2.1 Data provided by Clicktodo customers when creating a customer account on the Clicktodo platform (personal data and service settings). Customers can check their data at any time, if and also make changes in the space reserved for this purpose.

2.2 Data resulting from the use of the internet Clicktodo platform (when booking or cancelling  a service, information on the duration and frequency of the use of services by members, pages loaded by members, feedback of other members of Clicktodo offers and / or third parties displayed on Clicktodo etc.).

2.3 Data resulting from direct contact between the customer and Clicktodo or data voluntarily submitted.

2.4 Non-personal data related to the procedures relating to the use of the Clicktodo internet platform (addresses related to internet protocols, IP addresses, etc.). In the context of the use of the Clicktodo applications or mobile sites, geolocation information is collected to search for offers nearby or present the customer with targeted information and services according to their interests. The customer has the option at any time to stop the collection and use of such location information by disabling the corresponding services on their device.

2.5 Personal data and other data submitted by customers who participate in games/competitions, surveys and similar operations on the Clicktodo internet platform, and participation in forums or discussion groups.

2.6 Customer Feedback of offers presented by Clicktodo which are submitted to them by email, mail or telephone. The use of data to reach their customers including email addresses and content of messages sent and received is the subject of special attention.


Regarding the email addresses of customers, Clicktodo communicates no email address to third parties without the express consent of the customer. If members still receive advertisements against their will (spam) it is that the senders have purchased the customer’s email address through a back door / or from another source.

As the content of messages sent and received by customers via the Clicktodo platform, Clicktodo undertakes not to use or transfer to third parties the e-mail, SMS, messenger communications, contributions to chats and forums, etc. Exceptions are cases where indexes based imply a misuse of the Clicktodo internet service. When such abuse is reported by the persons concerned or by an authority or established by an enforceable judgment, Clicktodo can provide concerned persons or authorities the customer data suspected of abuse (see Article 8).


3. Customers of Clicktodo accept that Clicktodo, its group companies (especially companies managing the infrastructure, servers and backups), partners in Switzerland and abroad and its contractors treat personal data customers.

Clicktodo processes data of its members to be able to provide its services.

The collected data can be used as follows:


  • To create and manage the customer relationship on the Clicktodo internet platform;
  • To carry out and perform your business transactions initiated through Clicktodo;
  • To ensure a high quality service;
  • To maintain and develop the relationship with the member;
  • To ensure the safe operation and infrastructure of Clicktodo;
  • To establish the accounts of services regarding providers or members;
  • To design and develop a Clicktodo platform and offer services that meet the expectations of members;
  • To submit to members tailored offers affiliated to Clicktodo service providers and / or some of its partners (marketing).



1. Customers of Clicktodo accept Clicktodo collects, processes and uses, using electronic means, customer navigation data related to their use of the Clicktodo internet platform. The browser used by the customer's computer is registered in principle in order to improve the display of the Clicktodo internet platform on the customer’s screen. In other cases, Clicktodo observe how its customers use the elements of the Clicktodo internet platform to improve the layout.

2. Clicktodo also requires third parties to analyze the browsing behaviour of its customers. Customer agrees that third parties seize part of the navigation data during visits on the Clicktodo internet platform. The data collected in this way is transmitted anonymously to the servers of the mandated third parties. Clicktodo collaborates only with third parties who are contractually committed not to cross the anonymous data collected as described above with other data that may be collected from the customer when visiting other sites. The identification of Clicktodo customers by these third parties is excluded by contract.



The Clicktodo customer accepts that Clicktodo makes Clicktodo username, feedback of providers made ​​by the customer and the comments left on Clicktodo internet platform visible to all visitors of its internet platform.



Customer’s credit card data requested and are stored in encrypted form (SSL encryption) to enable future transactions to be made in a punctual manor.

The customer's bank details entered during registration on Clicktodo platform may be communicated to contractual partner(s) of the customer after the conclusion of a contract through the Clicktodo internet platform and / or be used to perform any refunds.



1. Clicktodo does not transmit customer data to third parties. Although reserves the right to the provisions of this Privacy Policy and transmission to the authorities defined by Swiss law and foreign laws.

2. If there is plausible evidence of fraud, and whereby seen as necessary, Clicktodo collects, processes, and explicitly indicates the indispensable personal data to detect and prevent the publication of offers with fraudulent intent and any another use of the Clicktodo internet platform that is unlawful, illegal or contrary to the contract.

3. Furthermore, Clicktodo may be required in connection with an investigation or administrative procedure or because of suspicion of behaviour contrary to law or morals, communicate customer personal data on request (eg inquiry) to criminal or administrative authorities.



1. The customer accepts that the data given in the posting of an offer is published under the "Questions & Answers" section and that its username is visible on the Clicktodo internet platform.

2. Clicktodo declines any responsibility if third parties (search engine operators, for example) transmit information published online on our website.



Clicktodo is authorized to publish on other internet platforms and other media (newspapers, for example), possibly in a revised form, the services offered and information published by members on the Clicktodo internet platform.



For the purposes of the contract concluded via the Clicktodo internet platform, the Clicktodo customer agrees that the user data recorded and the data seized during bookings are transmitted to the relevant counterparties.



1. The Clicktodo customer agrees that Clicktodo processes and uses the data related to their person for marketing purposes such as sending emails with general information or the nature of advertisements (newsletter).

2. Clicktodo is also entitled to transmit data to the auxiliary people in Switzerland and abroad as well as subsidiaries that are responsible for its own advertising. These people are bound by contract not to disclose your personal data to third parties.

3. When registering on Clicktodo platform, the opportunity is given to the Clicktodo customer to decline to receive advertising from Clicktodo and / or its partners.

4. Upon written request, the Clicktodo customer is able to declare that they do not want their data to be used for advertising purposes. An email to this effect may sent at any time to or make the corresponding changes in the settings section of the user page.



1. The Clicktodo internet platform as well as the Clicktodo marketing emails may contain links allowing access to third party offers. Clicktodo is not in a position to influence the way the third parties process personal data obtained through these links. For further information Clicktodo recommends to contact the relevant suppliers directly.

2. Clicktodo declines any responsibility of the third party sites or content nor compliance on data protection by those third parties. When using a link for another site, Clicktodo advises the customer to read the existing guidelines for the protection of data on these websites.



1. Clicktodo uses cookies. A cookie is a small data file sent from the computer of a website to the customer browser and is stored on the hard drive of the computer used. Cookies store information on a customer’s online browsing preferences and enable Clicktodo to adapt the design of its Clicktodo internet platform and its offers and advertisements (also outside of Clicktodo). The information collected from customers thus allows Clicktodo to constantly improve customer safety during their visits on the Clicktodo internet platform.

2. The use of cookies and other similar techniques is also essential to the proper functioning of certain processes, services and transactions used in online shopping (shopping cart). You can set your computer so that all cookies are accepted, or you are notified of the installation of a cookie, or simply decline the advantages of personal cookies. Indeed, you have at all times the ability to manually delete the cookies in your settings of the browser. Please note that when disabling a cookie, certain services furnished to suit your personal needs cannot be provided. So it may be that you do not then have means to fully utilize all the features offered by the Clicktodo internet platform.



Some functions (called plugins) to various third-party social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, for example) are integrated into Clicktodo. These plugins allow visitors to share content on social networks. If a plugin appears on the site when browsing (eg the button "Like" of Facebook), it automatically establishes a connection to the servers of this platform. By these means data about your visit to Clicktodo can be transmitted to the third party provider. If the customer is identified at the same time on the network this third party vendor, your visit to Clicktodo may be linked to your social media account (Facebook, for example). Clicktodo has no influence on this type of data transmission. Please review the information on the protection of data from your social network to know the purpose and scope of your data entry, management and the future use of your data from this provider as well as your rights and setting options to protect your privacy.



1. The Clicktodo customer agrees that the data collected in the context of reservations (including: user name and details of the offers on the internet platform Clicktodo) remain visible on the Clicktodo internet platform for the same limited period even after the offer is no longer online.

2. The feedback provided by customers remains visible on the Clicktodo internet platform indefinitely.

3. In all cases, Clicktodo refers to and complies with legal obligations to retain data.



Clicktodo takes all necessary technical measures to secure your personal data and their protection against unauthorized access and misuse. Our security methods are subject to recurring inspections and adapt to the constantly changing technology.



1. By its use of the Clicktodo internet platform, the customer agrees that Clicktodo collects and records data according to the principles above and used for the above mentioned objectives.

2. Clicktodo reserves the right to modify at any time these provisions on data protection. Interested users are invited to consult them regularly.

3. The provisions on the protection of data published in French on the Clicktodo website take precedence in any case.

4. Using the Clicktodo internet platform you agree with the conclusive acts of provisions on Clicktodo data protection.

Delémont, May 15th 2015